Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Who uses Wed&Wish?

    Wed&Wish is ideal for couples who prefer to receive monetary gifts rather than physical gifts. These gifts can go towards honeymoon funds, a down payment on a house, or just cash for savings.

    How will I know when a couple signs up through my referral?

    You will receive an email each time one of your referrals creates a registry with Wed&Wish.

    Do you have a customer service department that can assist referred couples if they have any questions?

    Wed&Wish is always available to assist couples using our online service. We can be reached by telephone at 619-365-8388, or via email at

    Which foreign currencies does Wed&Wish accept?

    Wed&Wish operates in every currency that PayPal uses. To see a list of countries that are supported by PayPal, please click here.

    If I choose to donate my commission proceeds to charity, how will the charity know that the money came from me?

    Wed&Wish always attempts to include the names of all affiliates who participated in each donation, though the ability to do so may depend on the charity itself.

  • What can I register for?

    Couples can register for any items or experiences they'd like to receive, assigning a monetary value to each item. Upon purchase, a gift is transferred as cash directly into your PayPal account.

    How much does it cost to use Wed&Wish's services?

    Wed&Wish's wedding registry services are free to use for couples. PayPal charges a small and reasonable fee for receiving gifts - about 1.9% to 2.9% of the gift amount + $0.30 USD (these fees may vary depending on the couple's sales volume, country of residence and the location of funding.) These fees are significantly lower than those of other leading cash registry sites. Wed&Wish charges a nominal service fee to guests that can be considered comparable to gift wrapping: $4.99 for wedding gifts under $150 and $9.99 for gifts greater than $150.

    Do my guests need a PayPal account?

    No, only the couple receiving the gifts needs a PayPal account. Wedding guests can pay for gifts using any major credit card or by using a PayPal account.

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