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Modern couples everywhere are turning to cash registry services to fulfill their practical wedding and honeymoon needs. While there are a number of online honeymoon registries, only one cash registry service stands head and shoulders above the rest: Wed&Wish.

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What makes Wed&Wish different from other cash registry services?
Sophisticated and intuitive design. Modern couples require modern design. While many honeymoon registries seem to be stuck with an outdated look, Wed&Wish's sleek look and customization options has made it the most stylish cash registry service online. Wed&Wish is also easy to navigate and use, eliminating any potential conversion issues. See a sample of a real wedding registry.
Safe and Secure. Wed&Wish uses PayPal's world-renowned safe and secure payment gateway to transfer all gifts as cash directly into the wedding couple's account. This means that we never have direct contact with the couple's money or access to sensitive financial data and banking information. Our competitors often collect cash gifts and distribute them only upon request, which can constitute a major risk to couples using their services. Most also require a couple's personal banking information just to give them their money. Our use of PayPal allows wedding couples to maintain control of their gifts, so that their personal information always remains private. If a couple doesn't have a PayPal account, signing up for one only takes a few minutes and is free.
It's free to create a Wed&Wish registry, and our transaction fees easily beat those of the competitors. Wed&Wish wants its couples to keep the maximum amount of their wedding gifts. That's why it's free to sign up and create a Wed&Wish registry, and any fees assessed to couples are the extremely low transaction fees charged by PayPal. PayPal's fees are minimal and almost entirely devoted to covering charges issued by credit card companies. Other online cash registries can charge excessive percentage-based fees for monetary gifts, significantly undercutting the overall amount that a couple receives. Instead, guests purchasing from a Wed&Wish registry pay a small service fee along with their gift that is comparable to gift wrapping or shipping charges. Visit this link to learn more about PayPal transaction fees.
International accessibility. Couples who live outside the United States or who have friends and family abroad are able to use Wed&Wish for all of their registry needs. Wed&Wish is available in over 24 different currencies and accepts almost all forms of payment, including credit cards, debit cards and eChecks.
Discreet monetary gift giving. Wed&Wish's online service allows couples to register for anything from a honeymoon hotel stay to the bride's dress to a down payment on a house. While guests are essentially giving a couple money, Wed&Wish elegantly presents monetary gifts as tangible items and experiences. Even the most traditional guest will feel comfortable purchasing gifts using Wed&Wish. Guests can pay with any major credit card or by using their PayPal account.

Using Wed&Wish, couples can get exactly what they want, and guests feel like they've purchased something tangible for the bride and groom-to-be. Wed&Wish's dedication to the customer experience, low fees, emphasis on privacy and security, international availability and stylish look make it the obvious choice.

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