Affordable Wedding Favor Ideas for 2013

People love to feel appreciated, so as a thank you to guests of special occasions sometimes there will be a ‘favor’, usually known as a party favor. This is generally a small item, more of a token of esteem and affection, than any sort of valuable gift. It can also be a great way to have fun and add a touch of flavor to your event. For weddings this can be a miniature set of ball and chains, bells, bubbles, personalized items; anything you feel will add to the experience.  There are a few classifications you can sort them into to help decide on what you may like:

Personalized Wedding Favors
These fun favors include: glasses, pens, cozies, mint tins or candles with a message, name, or picture added. These will require more lead time for approval and manufacturing, but are generally a quick and easy way to produce a large amount of gifts for your guests.

Environment Appropriate Wedding Favors
If you’re having a beach wedding, perhaps a small bucket and shovel, skipping stones or sandals may be best as a way to make the most of the setting and provide what your guests may be lacking. Likewise knit gloves or hats for a cold reception, or leading into the cold season.

Edible Wedding Favors
Everyone loves chocolate, especially those who may be feeling stressed! Small collections of candies or chocolate never fail to be appreciated by guests and can be an artful way to add color to your table settings.

Home-Made/Hand-Made Wedding Favors
Easily the most time consuming, home-made favors take the cake, but no-one can argue the time and energy needed to accomplish a successful home-made favor. Small decorations that can be added to an outfit can help tie everything together while still being simple to make. It will also give your guests something to start conversation with and serve as a way to break the ice and get guests connecting with each other. Remember to have fun with it and wrap it up nicely, presentation counts!


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