The Online Honeymoon Registry Guide to Preventing Honeymoon Hang-ups

honeymoon hangups by Bunches & Bits KarinaThe cake’s been cut, your Maid of Honor is recovering from the aggressive bouquet-toss-scramble and you’re pretty sure your dress has soaked up about as much champagne as your uncle Frank; congratulations, you survived your wedding! So now it’s time to kick off the satin sandals and head to the beach with your new love…well, almost.

Before you drop the dog off with the new in-laws (thanks, “mom & dad!”) or update any one of the ten social media profiles, lets go over a few potential buzz-killers that could really throw a wrench into the mix.

If you’ve planned and survived your own wedding, chances are you can probably handle the contents of your purse, so we’re considering issues of a far more potent nature here in this online honeymoon registry guide; the kinds of things that a margarita and aloe-gel will not be able to fix.

Honeymoon Hang-up #1 – Location

Number one on the list of honeymoon hang-ups: Location, location, location! Yes, we’d all like to visit the island where they filmed The Beach, ideally with Leonardo DiCaprio as a tour guide, but like all too-good-to-be-true locations, the pitfalls will soon outweigh the glamour. Go for locations that have the amenities you need to be comfortable. Pay especially close attention to the bathroom facilities. Don’t like the idea of a “shared” shower? Better check first! We have seen everything from rationed toilet paper to bathrooms so small the toilet was in the shower, so don’t take anything for granted.

Electrical outlets can become an issue as well. What kind of power does your destination use? Do you have the extension or converter that fits? Will there even be a working outlet? Think ahead and pay close attention to reviews.

Deals and Deal-breakers

Second on the list of honeymoon hang-ups: Deals of any kind. Nobody is saying that you shouldn’t be frugal, but for the love of Tom Brady, signing yourself up for an 18-hour layover that breaks up a 6-hour flight makes about as much sense as putting a pair of gloves over a set of freshly painted nails- yes, even when it saves you $100.

You can’t put a price on sanity, but if you could it would be far greater than $100. Besides, when your beach days are limited you’ve got to make them count! Trust us when we say that, after about 6 hours in any airport, you’ll start dipping into the money you “saved” on the flight tickets for things like beer, magazines, massages, and Starbucks- all of which you can get at the mall when you come back from vacation.

Love those Logistics.

Let’s play a game:

The clerk says… “Your last name please, Mam?”

You… proudly state your married name.

The clerk answers… “I’m sorry Mam, we can’t seem to find your reservation.”

You… freak out.

Game over.

It may seem like a no-brainer, but this rookie move is actually quite common and quite lethal to romantic moods all over the world! Please don’t confuse this for a passport check. Of course you’ve already put both passports in your carry-on bag, next to your new copy Nicholas Sparks novel. This is a “your passport isn’t going to do you much good if the name on it doesn’t match the one on your hotel reservation or your flight reservation or the rental car reservation; you get the point.

Remember these three lessons, have fun, be safe and don’t forget sunscreen! ;)


Affordable Wedding Favor Ideas for 2013

People love to feel appreciated, so as a thank you to guests of special occasions sometimes there will be a ‘favor’, usually known as a party favor. This is generally a small item, more of a token of esteem and affection, than any sort of valuable gift. It can also be a great way to have fun and add a touch of flavor to your event. For weddings this can be a miniature set of ball and chains, bells, bubbles, personalized items; anything you feel will add to the experience.  There are a few classifications you can sort them into to help decide on what you may like:

Personalized Wedding Favors
These fun favors include: glasses, pens, cozies, mint tins or candles with a message, name, or picture added. These will require more lead time for approval and manufacturing, but are generally a quick and easy way to produce a large amount of gifts for your guests.

Environment Appropriate Wedding Favors
If you’re having a beach wedding, perhaps a small bucket and shovel, skipping stones or sandals may be best as a way to make the most of the setting and provide what your guests may be lacking. Likewise knit gloves or hats for a cold reception, or leading into the cold season.

Edible Wedding Favors
Everyone loves chocolate, especially those who may be feeling stressed! Small collections of candies or chocolate never fail to be appreciated by guests and can be an artful way to add color to your table settings.

Home-Made/Hand-Made Wedding Favors
Easily the most time consuming, home-made favors take the cake, but no-one can argue the time and energy needed to accomplish a successful home-made favor. Small decorations that can be added to an outfit can help tie everything together while still being simple to make. It will also give your guests something to start conversation with and serve as a way to break the ice and get guests connecting with each other. Remember to have fun with it and wrap it up nicely, presentation counts!


Ultimate Guide to Wedding Dresses For Pregnant and Expecting Brides

Pregnant Brides - Photo By - Adrian Dreßler

While the social awkwardness of being a pregnant bride is dampened in 2013, finding a dress that will fit, instead of does fit, is an awkward experience of its own. How are you supposed to know how much weight you will gain? While some women stay thin with a big baby bump, others blossom from head to toe.

Learning About The Empire Waist Dress

As a preggo bride your best, and safest bet, is to choose an empire waist dress. Here’s a link to a curated list of empire wedding dresses to get you acquainted with your new best friend. The empire waist is designed to flatter any woman that has a wider middle section, raising the waistline high above the actual waist and sometimes right up under the breasts. This has the effect of flattering the breasts and lengthening the body.

Estimating Your Dress Size in Advance

Number one tip is to look at your mother and grandmother. How many sizes did they increase? Is your diet similar? Most expecting mothers will gain 2 – 4 sizes during pregnancy and a few will gain more than 4. The most important thing to pay attention to when considering an empire waist dress is not the size of you from the waist down, but from the breasts up! If you tend to gain a lot of weight in your arms, face and breasts when you put on pounds, you will need to choose a dress that has “room to grow” with you.

If you want a complete tailored look, the better option is to pick the style of dress you want and wait till one month before the wedding to purchase the dress. Then schedule a fitting 1 week before your wedding and have the tailor sew it a little wide (in-case you have swelling in the arms or breasts). It is easier to pin in day-of than alter to make more room.

Picking The Right Length

Length is a style preference but it can also be helpful to consider the season you are getting married in and the look you want to achieve. Short empire waist dresses can look ultra-cute with billowing layers of ruffles and pleats while silky-smooth, longer dresses ,played up with a bit of with embroidery, can look positively regal.

Either way you choose, remember that you will want to be comfortable most of all so pick pair of shoes that will go the distance with you. For more inspiration check out this Google Images page for preggo wedding dresses.

Top 5 Glorious Wedding Gifts For Geeks

wedding gifts for geeks - photo by neil schelly

Geeks love gifts as much as the next person but you need to consider the exact type of geekery that couples enjoy. We have narrowed the categories down to the top gift for each type of geek using a specific algorithm based on PI for the highest accuracy of course.

For the CON-Geek.

These geeks delight in all forms of dressing up and participating in events, be it Comicon, Fetishcon, Dragoncon, you name it, they fly their geek flag proudly and for the whole world to see. Top gift? 3 tickets to the event of course! Why 3? So the happy couple can choose a bestie to accompany them to the ball. Here’s a list of the conventions. Yes, they are all real. No, we don’t know where they get the time.

For the Tech-Geek

These geeks can be notoriously hard to buy for, especially because they probably have what they consider the best of (enter_gadget_name_here ) anyway. The best you can hope for here is a super early pre-order. Something spectacular and barely off the invention table. Here’s a great little gadget. Who doesn’t need to “find radioactive things”?

For the Gamer-Geek
Also notoriously hard to buy for, the gamer-geek usually already has the latest game or console, but wait, what about the new, open source gaming console Ouya? What does it do? Plays games on the tv. Why is it different? It’s opensource! Is it worth it? NO IDEA = FABOULOUS GIFT. Let your gamer friend do the deciding on whether to rant or rave about their new acquisition. Chances are, they will be the first to have one anyway!

The Green-Geek

Geeks and computers just go together so why not give the Green-Geeks something that will thrill both sides of their bell curve? A SOLAR POWERED KEYBOARD!!? Yup. Save energy while you surf the net for ways to save energy. Epic.

The Geek-Chick

Geek-Chicks aren’t too far off from their male counter-particles, but a sure fire way to win at gifting a girl is to make them laugh. Take a look at this nifty solar powered rainbow maker! If you’re not laughing already at the title, just trust us and buy it.

Wedding Inspiration: Hot Trends for Spring 2013

Wedding Inspiration | Photo by- Francesca PalazziWith wedding season just around corner, the latest spring wedding trends offer inspiration for every couple. This season the focus on customization continues to gain popularity as more couples look to put a unique spin on their ceremony and reception. As you create the wedding of your dreams, here’s three spring trends to help you personalize the details:

The New Venue

Couples are thinking outside the box when it comes to the location of their ceremony and party. For your wedding, consider booking a space that comes with its own beauty, like a favorite art gallery or museum. If you plan to have an outdoor wedding, think about using a family farm or childhood summer camp where you can play up the natural beauty and surroundings. Your choice of a unique venue location can show off personal style or tell about the special attachment you and your partner have to a space.

Have Fun with Food

Think whimsical and fun when planning the menu, especially for desserts and snacks. Many couples are now offering their favorite sweets like s’mores or a bar with different candies that make for fun, DIY food. Make this trend your own with a selection of your favorite sweet treats (for some delicious inspiration, look through these Foodgawker wedding food photos).

On the savory side, gourmet food trucks are another popular trend that can show off personal flavor. Bring in a late night truck for tacos or BBQ to keep guests full and the party going. And if you want to personalize a sit-down dinner menu, think back to childhood meals or the dishes eaten on a first date and let those memories inspire your food choices.

The Wedding Game

Great music and space to dance are still classic elements for having a fun reception but the new trend for wedding entertainment is all about the games. Bocce ball, croquet, and corn hole let your guests team up and have some wedding competition. These games are perfect for outdoor venues with plenty of space, and indoor receptions can work well with a small arcade or area for card games. If you want to personalize the games, try custom designing the game pieces with your initials or the wedding date.

To get more wedding inspiration, visit these special pages on Pinterest and Etsy that showcase the latest trends and help you personalize all the details of your celebration. Staying true to your personal taste never goes out of style, so always make any trend your own by customizing it the way you like best!

Letting Guests Know about a Wedding Registry

Wedding Registry Etiquette | Photo Credit by: Grand Velas Riviera MayaWhether you’ve decided to have an intimate reception with a few close friends or go the way of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, guests are as much a part of the wedding as the bride and groom. As you plan how many people to invite make sure you don’t cranky Aunt Hilda next to sensitive cousin Sally and keep your guests in mind as preparations are made for the big day.

Always Keep Your Guests In Mind While You Plan

Letting guests know that a guest registry has been created and that the reistry is online, ready to use and contribute to is one of the first ways guests can begin celebrating with a couple. Whether you have a traditional registry with home items or an alternative wedding registry (where guests can offer cash gifts to contribute towards gifts that can’t be purchased in stores) there are some registry etiquette tips to keep in mind as you spread the word to your guests. Here are a few of the best tips on how to let your guests know about a registry.

Shoud you include the registry info in the physical invitation?

The Invitation: Some couples choose to include the registry information on their wedding invitation. If you decide to put this information on the invitation itself, make sure the guest will notice it among all the other text. If you prefer to have an invitation without registry details printed on it, you can include another sheet that lets guests know about your registry. Keep in mind the type of registry you’ve chosen, as some couples who set up cash registries want to let their guests know what their gifts will help fund. Consider sharing the story behind your registry, whether it’s for a honeymoon to Europe or a house in your dream neighborhood.

The Internet: Email and social media are other ways to share information about a wedding registry (Check out the social sharing features that WedandWish has!). If you’re sending online wedding invitations, include a link to your registry or wedding website if you have one. Remember that not all guests will have similar levels of Internet skills, so always think about the individual guest and what will be easiest for them.

Wedding registry etiquette can be personalized to fit the style of any couple. Whichever way you choose to spread the word, provide registry information in a way that is easy and accessible for your guests as they help you and your partner celebrate!

Budget Cuts? Get Smart With an Online Cash Wedding Registry

Online Cash Wedding Registry | Photo Credit:Nicolas KarimWhile we can all appreciate those wedding gifts that stand the test of time- crystal stemware, fine china, or a bottle of wine to be opened on a 20th anniversary, with the recent initiation of Congress’ sequester, many couples will be grateful for the immediate relief that an online cash wedding registry can bring. The $1.2 trillion budget cuts will most notably affect American families via health care, education programs, law enforcement, funding for non-profit organizations, disaster relief, and unemployment benefits.

When Money is the Best Gift You Can Give

Planning a wedding can undoubtedly be stressful at times and, unfortunately, many couples will  feel the inevitable brunt of the sequester whilst in the middle of an engagement. Alternative wedding registries allow us to give something to our loved ones on their wedding day, that they may not feel comfortable asking for; money.

Making Money Gifts Personal

Of course, many of us have struggled with the impersonal nature of giving money as a gift and, traditionally, it’s not something that we associate with “I put a lot of thought into this because you mean the world to me.” However, unusual circumstances often call for creativity. At the end of the day, when the contribution you make to an online cash or custom wedding registry is put towards a down-payment on a house, a dream honeymoon or next month’s rent,  you are saying, “I love you and wish to support your dreams in any way I can.”

How to Avoid Getting 20 Toasters For Your Wedding

Ideally, the bride and groom will be upfront about their wishes. No one wants to end up with a table full of toasters and picture frames! The best online gift registry is a completed one, so if you are part of a wedding party, making a concerted effort to ensure that fellow guests understand the benefits that an online cash wedding registry will bring to the couple could mean the difference between post-wedding bliss or post-wedding garage sales!

Four Wedding Ideas To Make Your Special Day Even Better


Garden Wedding Wedding Ideas | Photo By: Tanya UmawingCreate a wedding experience unlike any other with new and exciting wedding ideas. Discover your shared likes and dislikes and create a personal style without breaking from tradition. Here are four wedding ideas with suggestions to make your special day more memorable.

Invest In A Watercolor Artist

Hire a watercolor artist to capture the reception in pastels or paint in watercolors as the event unfolds. This is a unique way to capture special memories, saving them into an unforgettable keepsake while  providing your guests with great entertainment. This idea works especially well for weddings set outdoors, destination weddings or fairytale themed weddings. Just imagine creating a watercolor collage of guests dancing outdoors or the best man giving his toast under a moonlit dinner.

Find The Right Wedding Venue

A venue can play a significant role in setting the tone for the event and is your first and greatest challenge during wedding planning. Consider the tone you want to set for your big day and explore your city for distinctive locations: old nightclubs, movie theatres, rooftop gardens, hip restaurants, art galleries and historic mansions are all great places to start. Transform your space into mini environments, dedicated to each phase or activity at your wedding. Lighting and colors can really change the mood of each space.

Pick A Unique Guest Book Idea

Install a photo booth on site so that your friends and family can take their own pictures or group shots. Guests will play a very active role in your wedding day and a visual wedding-day album will be created to capture the occasion.

Develop A Theme

Coming up with a common theme among all aspects of the wedding will help you create a more memorable wedding experience. Imagine a secret garden theme with lush flowers and serene settings carefully crafted all about the venue. Earth tones on table linens and soft, warm lighting would provide a calming and peaceful ambiance for all your guests. Try Pinterest to generate some ideas. Just look at these great pins for a garden inspired wedding!


Three Important Reasons to Use a Wedding Cash Gift Registry

Wedding Cash Gift Registry | Photo Credit: Nuno DuarteAs we reach this new digital age, the concept surrounding wedding registries has changed for the better. Here are three great reasons why couples really benefit from signing up for a wedding cash gift registry.

 When More Stuff Is Not What You Need

Without an online wedding registry, couples may find themselves receiving gifts from selected stores that they don’t want or need. Rather than dealing with the hassle of returning items in exchange for store credit, a wedding cash gift registry allows guests to contribute towards a variety of gifts.

An online cash registry allows couples to use money towards things beyond that kitchen appliance or television set. Friends and family will be able to contribute towards honeymoon activities or a down payment on a car or house; pretty much anything not listed in online stores.

You’re Never Stuck With Any Particular Gift

Couples that find themselves tired of the latest trends and have already placed a trendy gift on a registry list will be able to use that cash for something else. For example, high thread count bed linens were attractive for their softness but ultimately rejected by consumers because the cloth didn’t allow the body to breathe easily and caused many couples an uncomfortable night’s sleep. If a couple had heard about that issue and already added high thread count linens to their gift registry, they can easily use the cash later for something they really want.

Reinventing The Cash Gift

The cash gift has had a blemished history of feeling impersonal. Although it might be a break from tradition, it is common for the guest to want to give more meaningful gifts. An online wedding registry allows each guest to see what they are contributing towards. Whether they’re helping out with a newly renovated kitchen or a funding an exciting honeymoon excursion, guests will feel happy knowing they have contributed towards something desirable instead of guessing what the couple needs.

With a wedding cash gift registry you can remove the awkwardness of asking for cash while still using the money in any way you want. Wed&Wish provides guests a wish list without couples being restricted in what they can ask for. Check out an example wish list here.


Travel for Less On Your Honeymoon with a Great Cash Gift Registry

Cash Gift Registry | Photo By:ThisParticularGregImagine spending three weeks in Japan, one week in Tokyo exploring the city, looking at the underground malls, going to karaoke, restaurants, shiatsu massage and maybe a love hotel. Week two could be spent in the country, visiting a nice hot spring with all the spa treatments, exploring local legends and ancient temples and architecture. Week three will be left open. What if you run into something really fun? You’ve dreamed about it, all the things you could do, would do, if given the chance. Is your honeymoon that chance? It could be.

Maybe you don’t like land, and have always dreamed of the sea, of snorkeling or scuba diving along the Great Barrier Reef, seeing the vast array of colors and life. You dream of swimming with fish, poking at lobster and catching a glimpse of something majestic like a Manta Ray flying in graceful arcs through the water. Perhaps you’re action-based and wanted to go hunting, fishing, or climbing! Maybe your dream is hurtling to the earth in free fall from 15,000 feet. This could be your chance to do it.

Using you can create a cash gift registry that allows you to ask for exactly what you want, and have your friends and family help make it come true. Once the free registration is completed, any gift can be added to the registry, without being restricted to a certain package. It means friends and family are sending actual money to your account. They do get to choose which gift they are sending money towards, but once it reaches your account it’s yours to do what you like with.

Any guests and well wishers may search your registry for free as well.  The only cost is in the ‘purchasing’ where your guests will pay a small fee and PayPal’s low transaction fees. After that, everything is complete! Wed&Wish never holds your money, it goes directly to your account. Your guests don’t have to lug gifts around, no-one pays shipping, and everyone can access everything from home on their computer of smartphone. Visit today and create your free registry. There is no risk doing so, and only a pleasant experience to gain. Congratulations and our best wishes!

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