Top 10 reasons we think you’ll find our wedding registry services are the best available

10. FREE Signup + very low transaction fees. Setting up your wedding registry with us is completely free. Simply register on our website and begin your wedding gift registry immediately.  The only fee is a small transaction fee charged by PayPal, who charges the lowest transaction fees available. Register now.

9. GLOBAL ACCESSIBILITY. Because we use PayPal, you and your guests can log in from anywhere in the world to register for or give wedding gifts – any time, any currency, anywhere.

8. CLICK AND PAY. Your guests can pay for gifts quickly and easily using any major credit card or PayPal account.  There is no complicated process to go through, no collecting unnecessary information.

7. CLICK AND RECEIVE. No need to enter your bank account information or open a new bank account. With Wed&Wish, you can use your existing PayPal account.  This is by far the most secure way to manage your wedding registry gifts online.  You can withdraw your funds from PayPal any time and for free, it’s really simple.

6. EASY ON THE EYES. Your guests won’t find any distracting or annoying ads on your wedding gift registry.

5. SIMPLE TO USE. From web gurus to novices, everyone wins with Wed&Wish’s easy-to-use interface.  Use our site to buy or register for wedding gifts, and if you ever have any problems or questions, contact our exceptional Customer Service staff.

4. SPREAD THE WORD. Wed&Wish helps you share the news about your upcoming nuptials and let your friends and family know about this convenient way to give you wedding registry gifts. We’ll even help you thank everyone.

3. HELPFUL LINKS. Wed&Wish provides you with access to curated deals for your wedding and honeymoon at no cost.  Rather than bombard you with useless ads, we have carefully selected the best deals and products that we think you might be able to use to make this time in your life even more special.  You get these links completely free as a thank you for using our service.

2. UNPARALLELED CUSTOMER SERVICE. With our caring and concerned customer service representatives, you and your guests can get fast, personalized responses to any inquiries for assistance from Wed&Wish.  No cookie-cutter answers here.  We respond personally to each request for information that we get through our website.

1. INSTANT GRATIFICATION. You don’t need to wait until your wedding day or call someone to request your wedding registry gifts. With Wed&Wish, your wedding gifts are transferred from your guests directly and almost immediately into your PayPal account, ensuring peace of mind for both you and your guests in all wedding registry gift purchases. From there you can do whatever you want with your money!

Register now.

Travel for Less On Your Honeymoon with a Great Cash Gift Registry

Cash Gift Registry | Photo By:ThisParticularGregImagine spending three weeks in Japan, one week in Tokyo exploring the city, looking at the underground malls, going to karaoke, restaurants, shiatsu massage and maybe a love hotel. Week two could be spent in the country, visiting a nice hot spring with all the spa treatments, exploring local legends and ancient temples and architecture. Week three will be left open. What if you run into something really fun? You’ve dreamed about it, all the things you could do, would do, if given the chance. Is your honeymoon that chance? It could be.

Maybe you don’t like land, and have always dreamed of the sea, of snorkeling or scuba diving along the Great Barrier Reef, seeing the vast array of colors and life. You dream of swimming with fish, poking at lobster and catching a glimpse of something majestic like a Manta Ray flying in graceful arcs through the water. Perhaps you’re action-based and wanted to go hunting, fishing, or climbing! Maybe your dream is hurtling to the earth in free fall from 15,000 feet. This could be your chance to do it.

Using you can create a cash gift registry that allows you to ask for exactly what you want, and have your friends and family help make it come true. Once the free registration is completed, any gift can be added to the registry, without being restricted to a certain package. It means friends and family are sending actual money to your account. They do get to choose which gift they are sending money towards, but once it reaches your account it’s yours to do what you like with.

Any guests and well wishers may search your registry for free as well.  The only cost is in the ‘purchasing’ where your guests will pay a small fee and PayPal’s low transaction fees. After that, everything is complete! Wed&Wish never holds your money, it goes directly to your account. Your guests don’t have to lug gifts around, no-one pays shipping, and everyone can access everything from home on their computer of smartphone. Visit today and create your free registry. There is no risk doing so, and only a pleasant experience to gain. Congratulations and our best wishes!

Cruise Through Your Honeymoon With The Best Cash Gift Registry Available

Cash Gift Registry - Photo By: Thomas QuineBreeze Through Your Honeymoon With The Best Cash Gift Registry Available

When it’s cold outside, a chance to get warm and soak in a little sun sounds heavenly. You’ve probably been interested in seeing the islands for a while now and doing a little exploring sounds like fun. You love the salt air and breeze of the ocean. For all these reasons and more you’ve been dreaming of a cruise for a long time.  You know the islands you’d like to visit, and counted your available vacation time.

Dreaming of tropical sun and beaches, rum drinks and steel drum music can quickly become a mixture of pleasure and frustration for couples that imagine affording that honeymoon dream. Let’s face it, logistics are no fun.

Turn Expensive into Affordable

Of course you’ve priced some cruises out with your significant other or taken advice from a good friend, but they still seem expensive, especially on top of the wedding and other recent expenses.  That’s why a cash gift registry exists, right? Maybe you’ve looked into them, and found restrictions on what you can list, or find that the company wants to be in control of your money deciding what is authorized or not. Some might have been just too costly or confusing. Now try looking at

Wed&Wish is easy, free to register and you can easily search our registries. You can list anything you want, as specific or nebulous as you desire. Your friends are giving cash towards your listed desires; no-one is buying anything outright. The outcome?  You get a PayPal account stuffed with money to get you where you want to go and a list of who donated towards each gift, for a more personalized thank-yous.  Withdrawal is easy and those who have already used PayPal know just how easy it is. Who knows, your cruise agency may even accept PayPal as payment!

Choose Adventure With Wed&Wish

Your wedding and your honeymoon should be filled with the good kind of adventure, not filled with stress and missed opportunities. Let Wed&Wish act as your online gift registry and travel worry free. All gifts from your loved ones go directly to your personal, cash gift registry account; no-one else holds the money. The small fee for our service is taken during the transaction along with PayPal’s minimal fees. Our fee may be five or ten dollars depending on the size of the gift, which a lot of people may have spent on shipping/postage anyway. So go ahead and plan a trip, just start your free registry at first!

How A Cash Gift Registry Can Help Couples Buy A House

cash gift registry - Photo by: ThinkpanamaThe dream is happening and you’ve found your life-partner.  The ring was beautiful and everyone is happy for the new couple.  Everything is very satisfying except that one concern – finally owning your own home.

It’s tough, especially while trying to pay for a wedding on top of all life’s normal expenses. There might even be student loans raining on your parade and it seems like you’ll never be able to save enough for a down payment to finally finance your home.

Maybe you do already have your home, but with children on the horizon you need more room, funding for an addition would be more than welcome. You’ve made sketches and talked about it, but actually coming up with enough seems like a monumental task. You’re right, it is. Why not let your family and friends help you make your dreams a reality?

Wed&Wish would like to help as well. As an online cash gift registry, we help make the process a whole lot easier. Online means that anyone with the ability to access the internet can view and use your registry. Be it from a desktop, laptop, or smartphone, your friends can see what you really want for your lives together and can help make it happen.

Using a cash gift registry means that when guests are giving you a gift it’s actually cash. Gusts select one of your listed items and an amount, which is transferred directly to your PayPal account. This is what allows you to list exactly what you want without squeezing it into another registry’s available packages, or worry about someone else holding your money and deciding what you can or can’t do with it. Wed&Wish never holds or even touches your money.

Don’t worry about the expense of this sort of service either. Your registration is free, and can be browsed freely as well. The small fee for the company’s service is charged during your guest’s checkout, and is about that same as shipping would have been for the relative gift amount. Transactions are handled by PayPal, a respected and trusted industry leader.

So visit our registration page now and complete your free registry. Why not see for yourself that you can list anything you can imagine. Create a gift of a down payment or addition to your existing home and watch your guests help you make your impossible task into a dream come true!

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