Budget Cuts? Get Smart With an Online Cash Wedding Registry

Online Cash Wedding Registry | Photo Credit:Nicolas KarimWhile we can all appreciate those wedding gifts that stand the test of time- crystal stemware, fine china, or a bottle of wine to be opened on a 20th anniversary, with the recent initiation of Congress’ sequester, many couples will be grateful for the immediate relief that an online cash wedding registry can bring. The $1.2 trillion budget cuts will most notably affect American families via health care, education programs, law enforcement, funding for non-profit organizations, disaster relief, and unemployment benefits.

When Money is the Best Gift You Can Give

Planning a wedding can undoubtedly be stressful at times and, unfortunately, many couples will  feel the inevitable brunt of the sequester whilst in the middle of an engagement. Alternative wedding registries allow us to give something to our loved ones on their wedding day, that they may not feel comfortable asking for; money.

Making Money Gifts Personal

Of course, many of us have struggled with the impersonal nature of giving money as a gift and, traditionally, it’s not something that we associate with “I put a lot of thought into this because you mean the world to me.” However, unusual circumstances often call for creativity. At the end of the day, when the contribution you make to an online cash or custom wedding registry is put towards a down-payment on a house, a dream honeymoon or next month’s rent,  you are saying, “I love you and wish to support your dreams in any way I can.”

How to Avoid Getting 20 Toasters For Your Wedding

Ideally, the bride and groom will be upfront about their wishes. No one wants to end up with a table full of toasters and picture frames! The best online gift registry is a completed one, so if you are part of a wedding party, making a concerted effort to ensure that fellow guests understand the benefits that an online cash wedding registry will bring to the couple could mean the difference between post-wedding bliss or post-wedding garage sales!

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