How Your Honeymoon Could Be a Secret Ingredient to a Lasting Marriage

honeymoon - photo by joshjanssenIt’s no secret that happy couples share fond memories, but just how important are the bonds you make in the first year of marriage?  A research article titled “The Connubial Crucible: Newlywed Years as Predictors of Marital Delight, Distress, and Divorce”, published in The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, may shed some light on that very question.

The 13 year study followed 156 couples and found that feelings of ambivalence, lessening of loving feelings, decline in overt affection and the perception that your spouse is responsive were large contributing factors in divorce. Couples who showed distress signs within the first two months of marriage were even quicker to the chopping block.

The research points to evidence that the prevailing mood of couples “right after they tied the knot” were key in predicting marriage success and happiness. Happily married couples were able to recall positive feelings about their spouse in the first 2 years of marriage and were able to “keep the romance alive”.

Honeymoons are all about the romance. Creating bliss and an environment where a couple can really bond is a large ingredient in the recipe for success. Financing that honeymoon is where many couples get into trouble and dealing with conflict is not the best way to bond before the honeymoon.

If you know what you want for your honeymoon but are just not sure how to get it, a great honeymoon gift registry can help you afford it. If you aren’t sure what you want for a honeymoon, inspiration is what is required.

To get inspired, here are a few great links to successful honeymoon stories to get your creative brain working:

Try making a list of every fantasy desire you have ever had. Even as small as a pair of gloves you always wanted as a child or a concert you wanted to attend. Discuss these lists with each other and then turn them over to your lover. Chances are you will forget the many small details you wrote down but they will have the chance to surprise you in their very own way. Maybe they can’t get your favorite band back together but what if they produce the concert shirt from that year? Remember, romance is key so learn as many small details as you can about your soon-to-be and keep the love alive!


The Online Honeymoon Registry Guide to Preventing Honeymoon Hang-ups

honeymoon hangups by Bunches & Bits KarinaThe cake’s been cut, your Maid of Honor is recovering from the aggressive bouquet-toss-scramble and you’re pretty sure your dress has soaked up about as much champagne as your uncle Frank; congratulations, you survived your wedding! So now it’s time to kick off the satin sandals and head to the beach with your new love…well, almost.

Before you drop the dog off with the new in-laws (thanks, “mom & dad!”) or update any one of the ten social media profiles, lets go over a few potential buzz-killers that could really throw a wrench into the mix.

If you’ve planned and survived your own wedding, chances are you can probably handle the contents of your purse, so we’re considering issues of a far more potent nature here in this online honeymoon registry guide; the kinds of things that a margarita and aloe-gel will not be able to fix.

Honeymoon Hang-up #1 – Location

Number one on the list of honeymoon hang-ups: Location, location, location! Yes, we’d all like to visit the island where they filmed The Beach, ideally with Leonardo DiCaprio as a tour guide, but like all too-good-to-be-true locations, the pitfalls will soon outweigh the glamour. Go for locations that have the amenities you need to be comfortable. Pay especially close attention to the bathroom facilities. Don’t like the idea of a “shared” shower? Better check first! We have seen everything from rationed toilet paper to bathrooms so small the toilet was in the shower, so don’t take anything for granted.

Electrical outlets can become an issue as well. What kind of power does your destination use? Do you have the extension or converter that fits? Will there even be a working outlet? Think ahead and pay close attention to reviews.

Deals and Deal-breakers

Second on the list of honeymoon hang-ups: Deals of any kind. Nobody is saying that you shouldn’t be frugal, but for the love of Tom Brady, signing yourself up for an 18-hour layover that breaks up a 6-hour flight makes about as much sense as putting a pair of gloves over a set of freshly painted nails- yes, even when it saves you $100.

You can’t put a price on sanity, but if you could it would be far greater than $100. Besides, when your beach days are limited you’ve got to make them count! Trust us when we say that, after about 6 hours in any airport, you’ll start dipping into the money you “saved” on the flight tickets for things like beer, magazines, massages, and Starbucks- all of which you can get at the mall when you come back from vacation.

Love those Logistics.

Let’s play a game:

The clerk says… “Your last name please, Mam?”

You… proudly state your married name.

The clerk answers… “I’m sorry Mam, we can’t seem to find your reservation.”

You… freak out.

Game over.

It may seem like a no-brainer, but this rookie move is actually quite common and quite lethal to romantic moods all over the world! Please don’t confuse this for a passport check. Of course you’ve already put both passports in your carry-on bag, next to your new copy Nicholas Sparks novel. This is a “your passport isn’t going to do you much good if the name on it doesn’t match the one on your hotel reservation or your flight reservation or the rental car reservation; you get the point.

Remember these three lessons, have fun, be safe and don’t forget sunscreen! ;)


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