Top 10 reasons we think you’ll find our wedding registry services are the best available

10. FREE Signup + very low transaction fees. Setting up your wedding registry with us is completely free. Simply register on our website and begin your wedding gift registry immediately.  The only fee is a small transaction fee charged by PayPal, who charges the lowest transaction fees available. Register now.

9. GLOBAL ACCESSIBILITY. Because we use PayPal, you and your guests can log in from anywhere in the world to register for or give wedding gifts – any time, any currency, anywhere.

8. CLICK AND PAY. Your guests can pay for gifts quickly and easily using any major credit card or PayPal account.  There is no complicated process to go through, no collecting unnecessary information.

7. CLICK AND RECEIVE. No need to enter your bank account information or open a new bank account. With Wed&Wish, you can use your existing PayPal account.  This is by far the most secure way to manage your wedding registry gifts online.  You can withdraw your funds from PayPal any time and for free, it’s really simple.

6. EASY ON THE EYES. Your guests won’t find any distracting or annoying ads on your wedding gift registry.

5. SIMPLE TO USE. From web gurus to novices, everyone wins with Wed&Wish’s easy-to-use interface.  Use our site to buy or register for wedding gifts, and if you ever have any problems or questions, contact our exceptional Customer Service staff.

4. SPREAD THE WORD. Wed&Wish helps you share the news about your upcoming nuptials and let your friends and family know about this convenient way to give you wedding registry gifts. We’ll even help you thank everyone.

3. HELPFUL LINKS. Wed&Wish provides you with access to curated deals for your wedding and honeymoon at no cost.  Rather than bombard you with useless ads, we have carefully selected the best deals and products that we think you might be able to use to make this time in your life even more special.  You get these links completely free as a thank you for using our service.

2. UNPARALLELED CUSTOMER SERVICE. With our caring and concerned customer service representatives, you and your guests can get fast, personalized responses to any inquiries for assistance from Wed&Wish.  No cookie-cutter answers here.  We respond personally to each request for information that we get through our website.

1. INSTANT GRATIFICATION. You don’t need to wait until your wedding day or call someone to request your wedding registry gifts. With Wed&Wish, your wedding gifts are transferred from your guests directly and almost immediately into your PayPal account, ensuring peace of mind for both you and your guests in all wedding registry gift purchases. From there you can do whatever you want with your money!

Register now.

How to Find the Best Cash Wedding Registry

Best Cash Wedding Registry - Photo by: OberazziThere are a couple key differences between registries but the way to find the best cash wedding registry for you is to consider every element and choose what the most important features are for yourself and your situation. For instance, some cash registries don’t charge fees per transaction but they show ads on the side of your page and to your guests, as well as, have restrictions. (It is this author’s opinion that paying a small fee for a service outweighs the headaches of dealing with a company that claims it is free and has trouble dealing with customer service questions…in other words, you get what you pay for)

The fine print

The truth is, all cash registry websites need to make money in some way to stay afloat. If they didn’t, you would see donation banners like Wikipedia. The method of payment differs from site to site. Some sites only charge PayPal fees (if PayPal is used) but charge if you want to add pictures of your choice to your registry page. Others run ads in the sidebar to attract your guest’s attention.

Most registries hold your money in an account before they transfer it to you which can cause complications. The safest way to handle a client’s money is through PayPal’s “Parallel Payment” platform that extracts any fees while the money is on the way to the couples account. Look for registries that do this.

If you are an international couple, or have family & friends worldwide, an international registry that can immediately calculate exchange rates and transfers is beneficial. Sites with international experience normally use PayPal as well.

The Top 10 Check Off List

Here are the top 10 questions to ask or check on before committing to a wedding registry:

  • Does the registry charge per transaction? If so, how much and is that a reasonable price?
  • Does the registry hold your money in their account before sending it to you?
  • Are there some premade gift ideas to get you started?
  • Do they let you upload your own pictures so guests can recognize your page and feel connected?
  • Do they show ads to your guests?
  • Are there any other fees (like PayPal’s nominal transaction charges) that you can expect to pay?
  • Is there a good FAQ section to help you?
  • Do they offer print outs to put into your invitations, letting guests know about your registry?
  • Do they have informational videos to help you or your guest with your new registry?
  • Are they listed with the better business bureau?

Most professional registries will quickly answer any questions you have. They will be easy to get a hold of and have business hours listed. Wedding registries are not all created equal, so follow the simple guidelines above to get the registry that is right for you.

Wedding Inspiration: Hot Trends for Spring 2013

Wedding Inspiration | Photo by- Francesca PalazziWith wedding season just around corner, the latest spring wedding trends offer inspiration for every couple. This season the focus on customization continues to gain popularity as more couples look to put a unique spin on their ceremony and reception. As you create the wedding of your dreams, here’s three spring trends to help you personalize the details:

The New Venue

Couples are thinking outside the box when it comes to the location of their ceremony and party. For your wedding, consider booking a space that comes with its own beauty, like a favorite art gallery or museum. If you plan to have an outdoor wedding, think about using a family farm or childhood summer camp where you can play up the natural beauty and surroundings. Your choice of a unique venue location can show off personal style or tell about the special attachment you and your partner have to a space.

Have Fun with Food

Think whimsical and fun when planning the menu, especially for desserts and snacks. Many couples are now offering their favorite sweets like s’mores or a bar with different candies that make for fun, DIY food. Make this trend your own with a selection of your favorite sweet treats (for some delicious inspiration, look through these Foodgawker wedding food photos).

On the savory side, gourmet food trucks are another popular trend that can show off personal flavor. Bring in a late night truck for tacos or BBQ to keep guests full and the party going. And if you want to personalize a sit-down dinner menu, think back to childhood meals or the dishes eaten on a first date and let those memories inspire your food choices.

The Wedding Game

Great music and space to dance are still classic elements for having a fun reception but the new trend for wedding entertainment is all about the games. Bocce ball, croquet, and corn hole let your guests team up and have some wedding competition. These games are perfect for outdoor venues with plenty of space, and indoor receptions can work well with a small arcade or area for card games. If you want to personalize the games, try custom designing the game pieces with your initials or the wedding date.

To get more wedding inspiration, visit these special pages on Pinterest and Etsy that showcase the latest trends and help you personalize all the details of your celebration. Staying true to your personal taste never goes out of style, so always make any trend your own by customizing it the way you like best!

How A Wedding Honeymoon Registry Can Help Couples

Wedding Honeymoon Registry - Photo Yago Veith - SwitzerlandTurn Planning Nightmares Into Wedding Bliss

Planning. You didn’t know it, but as soon as the answer was yes, the die was cast that either the couple was going to do massive amounts of planning, or they were going to pay someone to make it easier to… do massive amounts of planning. You are the only person that knows what you like and what it is you desire for this momentous occasion. That means invitations, colors, dresses, suits, location, reception, food, entertainment, ceremony, flowers, transportation, parking, the guest list, a registry and more.

Some people enjoy it, some do not and experiences vary widely. Something that may help your experience be positive is the wedding honeymoon registry service at Wed&Wish. All the pieces must come together to make a wonderful experience and Wed&Wish will accomplish the gift registry part nicely. It is an online cash registry. There are two large ways that this will make everything go smoothly.

Get The Gifts You Really Want

A cash registry means, while your friends and family are happily donating toward your list of desires, you get cash. Free from hassles or hang-ups. You can avoid the need for extensive collaboration between your guests, possible gift duplication, and the letdown of receiving plain unwanted gifts. Instead, people give, knowing it will be used exactly how you want with no fear of giving a dud gift and alleviating the guessing game.

The Freedom of an Online Registry

Online registries give you all the freedom of access afforded by the world wide web. Anyone with an internet enabled device, access to a public library, or a friend with a computer can see and give to your registry. No-one needs to worry about truck space, shipping costs or times. By the time the ceremony arrives, all gifts sent to date will be in your account. Transfers are completed by PayPal, an industry standard for monetary transactions. People can use their own PayPal account, or just use their credit card. You are also provided with a detailed list of how much was donated by each of your guests, as well as which gift they donated towards. This allows for an easier, more personal exchange of regards and thank yous during  and after the reception.

You’ve got a lot of things to think about. Wed&Wish wants you to think about only one thing with your registry, “What would I really like?”

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