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Your Wedding Workout: 8 Easy Ways to Get in Shape

Wedding Workout Plans by MiamiFitnessTVNow that you have your wedding diet planned out (see our last blog post for diet tips), it’s time to create a wedding workout that will help you get in shape! Staying strong and exercising regularly will help you focus and stay on top of all that wedding planning ahead of you, plus you’ll feel healthy and fit when the big day finally rolls around. To help you with your wedding workout, we’ve put together a list of 8 fun and easy ways to get in shape.

1. Zumba: A fusion class of dance and aerobics with upbeat music and easy to follow steps. Don’t worry if you think you can’t dance- Zumba is all about moving your body in new ways and having fun! Find a class at your local fitness center.

2. Jump Roping: Who knew that this playground pastime was such good exercise? Jumping rope provides a great cardio workout and burns calories quicker than you would if running. Consider doing a quick 15-20 jump rope workout a few times a week to get your blood pumping and muscles working in new ways.

3. Lunchtime Walk: Use part of your lunch break to take a brisk walk with co-workers or friends. Keep a pair of sneakers at your desk or in your car so you’re always ready to hit the streets or trails. If you like to track your fitness, buy a pedometer and try to get in 10,000 steps each day.

4. Leave the Car at Home: Consider trying a new way of commuting to work. Biking or walking to the office will get you a twice-a-day workout. If it’s not possible to commute these ways, try walking to the bus or train station instead of driving.

5. Chores Workout: Are chores piling up around the house? Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you can’t get in shape during your home maintenance. Try running up the stairs instead of walking or doing squats while folding laundry. Outside chores like gardening and lawn mowing are also easy ways to get your daily dose of exercise.

6. Yoga: Unwind and workout at the same time by dropping in for a yoga class at your local studio. Classes are offered for every level from beginner to advanced, and the poses will tone your body and increase strength.

7. TV Fitness: If you’re someone who spends a lot of time on the couch flipping through channels, use that time to get in a workout. Throw an exercise mat on the floor and do push-ups, jumping jacks, and crunches as you watch your favorite shows.

8. Dog Walking: It’s a task that needs to get done, so you may as well get in a workout when you do it! Start off the morning by taking your dog for a lively walk or light jog if they can keep up with you. To make it more social, gather up your neighbors and their dogs for a group walk.

Use these wedding workout ideas to get in your daily exercise in a new and fun way.  And remember that “in shape” is a term that means something different to every bride, so always do what you’re comfortable with and consult a doctor about any medical issues you may have. Happy exercising!

Wedding Diet: Making the Most of the Month Before

Fruit | By-lisaclarke

Did you know that July is one of the most popular month to get married? It’s when almost 12% of couples tie the knot! That makes June the month of final wedding preparations, which includes making sure you’re in your best shape for the big day. Consider using June to create a “month before” wedding diet to prepare for your July or August ceremony. Your goal might be to cut back on junk food or include more fruits and veggies into your meals. You may want to add protein to your diet or remember to drink more water to stay hydrated. Whatever your diet needs, here are some eating tips and meal ideas to help you plan your month before wedding diet.

More peas please!

Adding fresh veggies to your meals is an easy way to boost your energy and vitamin intake. June is a great month to start looking out for the latest harvest of vegetables at your local grocery store. You’ll start seeing fresh radishes, peas, lettuce, and spinach during this month and more vegetables like carrots and turnips will soon follow. These foods are great for creating crunchy salads and flavorful side dishes. If you don’t like eating your veggies raw, try incorporating them into your cooked meals. Add some spinach to a quiche, mix in peas with your favorite pasta dish, or roast carrots in sweet honey glaze. Check out these recipes for meal ideas that use June vegetables in tasty and nutritional dishes.

Summer Radish Salad | Snow Peas with Water Chestnuts | Carrot, Tomato, and Spinach Quinoa Pilaf

Sweet Nothings

Can’t seem to stop those candy cravings? For some people cutting back on sweets is the toughest part of a diet. But instead of trying to go cold turkey on those cookies and candies, set up a diet plan that lets you indulge in one sweet treat a day. This way you’ll limit the amount of sugar you consume but you’ll be able to enjoy a bit of sweetness. Let yourself have a piece of dark chocolate or a small cookie for dessert. And don’t forget that sweet foods can be healthy too! Try baking oatmeal cookies filled with nuts and raisins or dipping fresh strawberries in chocolate. Below are some more recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Fruit Sherbet | Tropical Mango Mousse | Pumpkin Protein Cookies

Snack Machine

Are you the type that’s always munching on chips or grabbing a handful of pretzels every time you walk by the pantry? Snacking is one of the hardest habits to break because so often you don’t even realize how much you’re doing it! For your month before diet, take the steps to cut back on unhealthy snacking. First, don’t leave your food out on the counter where it can tempt you all day. Keep your food stored away until you are ready to eat it. Second, replace unhealthy snacks with celery sticks dipped in hummus or a handful of mixed nuts. Because if you’re going to snack, do it with foods that give you energy and keep you full throughout the day. And if you’re the type that snacks because you constantly need to be chewing on something, always keep a pack of gum or tic tacs on hand.

Baked Kale Chips | Granola Snacks | Apple Toast

Diets aren’t always the easiest regimen to stick to but think of this diet as a way to make sure you’re strong and healthy for a day that’s going to very special to you. Use these ideas to plan out your month before diet and check back in with us soon for tips on a wedding exercise plan!


The Modern Wedding Cake: Cupcakes and Cake Pops Oh My!

Cake Pops | By- niner bakesIn Part 3 of our special blog series on wedding cakes, we’ll talk about the modern trends and latest fads in the wedding cake world. If you missed our Part 2 post on wedding cake flavors, check it out here.

Now that we’ve gone over designing a wedding cake and choosing flavors, it’s time to really think outside the box. While many couples choose to have a wedding cake with a few tiers, some couples are opting to forgo the traditional cake structure. The modern wedding cake now includes elaborate cupcake towers, bite-size cake pops, or combinations of cake and cupcakes. These new desserts are easy to serve, and guests won’t have to wait for a large cake to be sliced and handed out. Here’s how to incorporate these trendy and tasty designs into your wedding dessert.

Cupcake Wedding Cake

This modern take on the wedding cake looks and tastes as good as it sounds. Because cupcakes are quick and easy to bake, they’re a great way to ensure that your dessert is fresh and flavorful. Bakeries can whip up a batch of cupcakes shortly before your wedding and design them just like a regular cake. Talk with your wedding bakery about choosing flavors for the cake and frosting, and see what type of designs they can create for your wedding cupcakes. It may also be possible to choose a few different cupcake flavors and frosting combinations since your baker will probably be making quite a few batches of the tasty treats.

Once you’ve settled on flavor and design, think about how you can display the cupcakes. One option is to mimic the look of a traditional cake structure by setting up cupcakes on stands with a pole running down the middle for support. Decide on how many tiers you’ll need (easy to calculate-roughly 1 cupcake per guest, plus a few extras) and make sure your baker uses a sturdy material that can hold the weight of all the cupcakes. Another idea is to use the cupcakes to line the border of a regular cake. Here’s where different size cupcakes with various colors can create a beautiful effect that will really impress your guests.

Cake Pops

These little treats are another trend in the cake world that modern couples are incorporating into their weddings. Cake pops are like dessert lollipops, and who doesn’t like lollipops? They’re easy to serve and don’t require much effort to make. Like cupcakes, cake pops can replace the traditional structure of a cake or be used as decorations on a regular cake. If you want a simple but pleasing wedding dessert, cake pops will satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth without making them feel like they’ve overindulged on dessert.

Remember that using cupcakes or cake pops can also help you save money! Many establishments charge a price for cutting a wedding cake if it has been made out of house. Consider using the modern wedding cake trends discussed here if you’re looking to cut down on costs. For inspiration on how to do so, here are some ideas on making cupcakes or cake pops work for your wedding.

The Modern Wedding Cake: Taste and Flavor

Wedding Cake Flavor | By- roboppyIn Part 2 of our special blog series on wedding cakes, we’ll talk about your wedding cake flavor and other tasty details. If you missed Part 1 on modern wedding cake design and decoration, check it out here!

Hopefully, our last blog on wedding cake design got you thinking about what you want your wedding cake to look like. Now it time to think about the inside! As guests admire the beautiful design of your cake, they’ll also be thinking about taste; wondering what flavor of frosting is between the layers or whether those gorgeous flowers are edible. You can satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth by choosing a cake that’s as delicious as it is beautiful.

Don’t Flake on Flavor

Wedding cakes have gotten the reputation of being beautiful on the outside but lacking flavor on the inside. Make sure your cake lives up to guests’ expectations by choosing a delicious flavor for your cake. Most bakeries are able to create wedding cakes in a variety of flavors, such as German chocolate, red velvet, or lemon. If you can’t decide on just one flavor, see if your baker can make the different tiers of the cake in different flavors (this option may have additional costs). Taste testing is a must, and you may have to visit a few bakeries before you and your partner decide on a bakery that can provide a flavorful, moist cake. It can be helpful to ask your friends or look at online reviews to find a good wedding cake bakery.

Finger-Licking Frosting

 Since most wedding cakes are made of at least a few tiers, providing enough pieces for every guest, you’ll need to decide on all frostings or creams that will compliment the cake. Again, the bakery you decide upon will probably have a list of the flavors they can provide.

Some popular frosting and cream flavors include raspberry, Bavarian crème, and chocolate buttercream. Think about how the flavors of the cake and frosting will taste together. If you’re unsure of what you’re guests would enjoy, vanilla or chocolate is always a good base to start with. Once you decide on the flavors, consider personalizing your wedding cake frosting by making it a certain color or adding in your favorite candy like chocolate chips.

Wedding cakes should be as pleasing to eat as they are to look at, so take the time to choose the cake and frosting flavors that appeal to you. Make sure that cutting the cake is truly a sweet moment!

Up next, on Part 3 of our special wedding cake blog series, we’ll discuss some of the modern trends and updates to wedding cakes! Check back in with us soon to learn more.





Top 5 Glorious Wedding Gifts For Geeks

wedding gifts for geeks - photo by neil schelly

Geeks love gifts as much as the next person but you need to consider the exact type of geekery that couples enjoy. We have narrowed the categories down to the top gift for each type of geek using a specific algorithm based on PI for the highest accuracy of course.

For the CON-Geek.

These geeks delight in all forms of dressing up and participating in events, be it Comicon, Fetishcon, Dragoncon, you name it, they fly their geek flag proudly and for the whole world to see. Top gift? 3 tickets to the event of course! Why 3? So the happy couple can choose a bestie to accompany them to the ball. Here’s a list of the conventions. Yes, they are all real. No, we don’t know where they get the time.

For the Tech-Geek

These geeks can be notoriously hard to buy for, especially because they probably have what they consider the best of (enter_gadget_name_here ) anyway. The best you can hope for here is a super early pre-order. Something spectacular and barely off the invention table. Here’s a great little gadget. Who doesn’t need to “find radioactive things”?

For the Gamer-Geek
Also notoriously hard to buy for, the gamer-geek usually already has the latest game or console, but wait, what about the new, open source gaming console Ouya? What does it do? Plays games on the tv. Why is it different? It’s opensource! Is it worth it? NO IDEA = FABOULOUS GIFT. Let your gamer friend do the deciding on whether to rant or rave about their new acquisition. Chances are, they will be the first to have one anyway!

The Green-Geek

Geeks and computers just go together so why not give the Green-Geeks something that will thrill both sides of their bell curve? A SOLAR POWERED KEYBOARD!!? Yup. Save energy while you surf the net for ways to save energy. Epic.

The Geek-Chick

Geek-Chicks aren’t too far off from their male counter-particles, but a sure fire way to win at gifting a girl is to make them laugh. Take a look at this nifty solar powered rainbow maker! If you’re not laughing already at the title, just trust us and buy it.

Four Wedding Ideas To Make Your Special Day Even Better


Garden Wedding Wedding Ideas | Photo By: Tanya UmawingCreate a wedding experience unlike any other with new and exciting wedding ideas. Discover your shared likes and dislikes and create a personal style without breaking from tradition. Here are four wedding ideas with suggestions to make your special day more memorable.

Invest In A Watercolor Artist

Hire a watercolor artist to capture the reception in pastels or paint in watercolors as the event unfolds. This is a unique way to capture special memories, saving them into an unforgettable keepsake while  providing your guests with great entertainment. This idea works especially well for weddings set outdoors, destination weddings or fairytale themed weddings. Just imagine creating a watercolor collage of guests dancing outdoors or the best man giving his toast under a moonlit dinner.

Find The Right Wedding Venue

A venue can play a significant role in setting the tone for the event and is your first and greatest challenge during wedding planning. Consider the tone you want to set for your big day and explore your city for distinctive locations: old nightclubs, movie theatres, rooftop gardens, hip restaurants, art galleries and historic mansions are all great places to start. Transform your space into mini environments, dedicated to each phase or activity at your wedding. Lighting and colors can really change the mood of each space.

Pick A Unique Guest Book Idea

Install a photo booth on site so that your friends and family can take their own pictures or group shots. Guests will play a very active role in your wedding day and a visual wedding-day album will be created to capture the occasion.

Develop A Theme

Coming up with a common theme among all aspects of the wedding will help you create a more memorable wedding experience. Imagine a secret garden theme with lush flowers and serene settings carefully crafted all about the venue. Earth tones on table linens and soft, warm lighting would provide a calming and peaceful ambiance for all your guests. Try Pinterest to generate some ideas. Just look at these great pins for a garden inspired wedding!


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