Four Wedding Ideas To Make Your Special Day Even Better


Garden Wedding Wedding Ideas | Photo By: Tanya UmawingCreate a wedding experience unlike any other with new and exciting wedding ideas. Discover your shared likes and dislikes and create a personal style without breaking from tradition. Here are four wedding ideas with suggestions to make your special day more memorable.

Invest In A Watercolor Artist

Hire a watercolor artist to capture the reception in pastels or paint in watercolors as the event unfolds. This is a unique way to capture special memories, saving them into an unforgettable keepsake while  providing your guests with great entertainment. This idea works especially well for weddings set outdoors, destination weddings or fairytale themed weddings. Just imagine creating a watercolor collage of guests dancing outdoors or the best man giving his toast under a moonlit dinner.

Find The Right Wedding Venue

A venue can play a significant role in setting the tone for the event and is your first and greatest challenge during wedding planning. Consider the tone you want to set for your big day and explore your city for distinctive locations: old nightclubs, movie theatres, rooftop gardens, hip restaurants, art galleries and historic mansions are all great places to start. Transform your space into mini environments, dedicated to each phase or activity at your wedding. Lighting and colors can really change the mood of each space.

Pick A Unique Guest Book Idea

Install a photo booth on site so that your friends and family can take their own pictures or group shots. Guests will play a very active role in your wedding day and a visual wedding-day album will be created to capture the occasion.

Develop A Theme

Coming up with a common theme among all aspects of the wedding will help you create a more memorable wedding experience. Imagine a secret garden theme with lush flowers and serene settings carefully crafted all about the venue. Earth tones on table linens and soft, warm lighting would provide a calming and peaceful ambiance for all your guests. Try Pinterest to generate some ideas. Just look at these great pins for a garden inspired wedding!


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