How A Cash Gift Registry Can Help Couples Buy A House

cash gift registry - Photo by: ThinkpanamaThe dream is happening and you’ve found your life-partner.  The ring was beautiful and everyone is happy for the new couple.  Everything is very satisfying except that one concern – finally owning your own home.

It’s tough, especially while trying to pay for a wedding on top of all life’s normal expenses. There might even be student loans raining on your parade and it seems like you’ll never be able to save enough for a down payment to finally finance your home.

Maybe you do already have your home, but with children on the horizon you need more room, funding for an addition would be more than welcome. You’ve made sketches and talked about it, but actually coming up with enough seems like a monumental task. You’re right, it is. Why not let your family and friends help you make your dreams a reality?

Wed&Wish would like to help as well. As an online cash gift registry, we help make the process a whole lot easier. Online means that anyone with the ability to access the internet can view and use your registry. Be it from a desktop, laptop, or smartphone, your friends can see what you really want for your lives together and can help make it happen.

Using a cash gift registry means that when guests are giving you a gift it’s actually cash. Gusts select one of your listed items and an amount, which is transferred directly to your PayPal account. This is what allows you to list exactly what you want without squeezing it into another registry’s available packages, or worry about someone else holding your money and deciding what you can or can’t do with it. Wed&Wish never holds or even touches your money.

Don’t worry about the expense of this sort of service either. Your registration is free, and can be browsed freely as well. The small fee for the company’s service is charged during your guest’s checkout, and is about that same as shipping would have been for the relative gift amount. Transactions are handled by PayPal, a respected and trusted industry leader.

So visit our registration page now and complete your free registry. Why not see for yourself that you can list anything you can imagine. Create a gift of a down payment or addition to your existing home and watch your guests help you make your impossible task into a dream come true!

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