How a Cash Gift Registry Works

Cash Gift Registry - Photo Credit: Laura HamiltonHow Cash Registries Work

What is a cash gift registry? It’s a way to get exactly what you want, with no compromises, while allowing your friends and family to experience the feeling of giving a more personal gift than a just a check in a card (even though that’s probably exactly what you want!). Create your registry with what you want, unrestricted by brand, product, location, or even price! All your guests need to do is log onto the internet, perfect for those well-travelled.

The Process

Let’s start at the top – Sign into Signing up and creating your registry is free and more excitingly, open. There are no rules or regulations dictating what you can do for your wedding. That means the trip you’ve been fantasizing about for years can be listed exactly as you dreamed it. You just break down the expected costs into manageable gift sizes. This can be extended to endless wishes and dreams, a deposit on your new home, car, interesting travel adventures,  or even to paying off your college debt if that’s what would make you happy. This is what it’s all about, making you happy.

Help With Inviting Guests to Your Registry

Once you have your cash gift registry populated, let your guests know about it in however you see best, be it a personal email, or in your printed invitations. Once they find your registry it’s a simple matter of a PayPal transaction. This is the cash part of the cash gift registry. They are selecting which gift to buy for you and how much they would like to put towards it, but you’re receiving unrestricted cash. No escrow, no lawyers, no hassle, just money in your PayPal account. Isn’t that why we love cash?

That’s it. That’s the process. You can use the money in your PayPal account whenever and however you like. Plans change, things happen and you need to be able to make adjustments. Wed&Wish’s process allows you to do so, everyone wins. You will be happier getting exactly what you want and your loved ones will like it too, who doesn’t want to help make a dream come true? So try out today and see what a modern gift registry has to offer.

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