How A Wedding Honeymoon Registry Can Help Couples

Wedding Honeymoon Registry - Photo Yago Veith - SwitzerlandTurn Planning Nightmares Into Wedding Bliss

Planning. You didn’t know it, but as soon as the answer was yes, the die was cast that either the couple was going to do massive amounts of planning, or they were going to pay someone to make it easier to… do massive amounts of planning. You are the only person that knows what you like and what it is you desire for this momentous occasion. That means invitations, colors, dresses, suits, location, reception, food, entertainment, ceremony, flowers, transportation, parking, the guest list, a registry and more.

Some people enjoy it, some do not and experiences vary widely. Something that may help your experience be positive is the wedding honeymoon registry service at Wed&Wish. All the pieces must come together to make a wonderful experience and Wed&Wish will accomplish the gift registry part nicely. It is an online cash registry. There are two large ways that this will make everything go smoothly.

Get The Gifts You Really Want

A cash registry means, while your friends and family are happily donating toward your list of desires, you get cash. Free from hassles or hang-ups. You can avoid the need for extensive collaboration between your guests, possible gift duplication, and the letdown of receiving plain unwanted gifts. Instead, people give, knowing it will be used exactly how you want with no fear of giving a dud gift and alleviating the guessing game.

The Freedom of an Online Registry

Online registries give you all the freedom of access afforded by the world wide web. Anyone with an internet enabled device, access to a public library, or a friend with a computer can see and give to your registry. No-one needs to worry about truck space, shipping costs or times. By the time the ceremony arrives, all gifts sent to date will be in your account. Transfers are completed by PayPal, an industry standard for monetary transactions. People can use their own PayPal account, or just use their credit card. You are also provided with a detailed list of how much was donated by each of your guests, as well as which gift they donated towards. This allows for an easier, more personal exchange of regards and thank yous during  and after the reception.

You’ve got a lot of things to think about. Wed&Wish wants you to think about only one thing with your registry, “What would I really like?”

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