How to Find the Best Cash Wedding Registry

Best Cash Wedding Registry - Photo by: OberazziThere are a couple key differences between registries but the way to find the best cash wedding registry for you is to consider every element and choose what the most important features are for yourself and your situation. For instance, some cash registries don’t charge fees per transaction but they show ads on the side of your page and to your guests, as well as, have restrictions. (It is this author’s opinion that paying a small fee for a service outweighs the headaches of dealing with a company that claims it is free and has trouble dealing with customer service questions…in other words, you get what you pay for)

The fine print

The truth is, all cash registry websites need to make money in some way to stay afloat. If they didn’t, you would see donation banners like Wikipedia. The method of payment differs from site to site. Some sites only charge PayPal fees (if PayPal is used) but charge if you want to add pictures of your choice to your registry page. Others run ads in the sidebar to attract your guest’s attention.

Most registries hold your money in an account before they transfer it to you which can cause complications. The safest way to handle a client’s money is through PayPal’s “Parallel Payment” platform that extracts any fees while the money is on the way to the couples account. Look for registries that do this.

If you are an international couple, or have family & friends worldwide, an international registry that can immediately calculate exchange rates and transfers is beneficial. Sites with international experience normally use PayPal as well.

The Top 10 Check Off List

Here are the top 10 questions to ask or check on before committing to a wedding registry:

  • Does the registry charge per transaction? If so, how much and is that a reasonable price?
  • Does the registry hold your money in their account before sending it to you?
  • Are there some premade gift ideas to get you started?
  • Do they let you upload your own pictures so guests can recognize your page and feel connected?
  • Do they show ads to your guests?
  • Are there any other fees (like PayPal’s nominal transaction charges) that you can expect to pay?
  • Is there a good FAQ section to help you?
  • Do they offer print outs to put into your invitations, letting guests know about your registry?
  • Do they have informational videos to help you or your guest with your new registry?
  • Are they listed with the better business bureau?

Most professional registries will quickly answer any questions you have. They will be easy to get a hold of and have business hours listed. Wedding registries are not all created equal, so follow the simple guidelines above to get the registry that is right for you.

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