Top 5 Glorious Wedding Gifts For Geeks

wedding gifts for geeks - photo by neil schelly

Geeks love gifts as much as the next person but you need to consider the exact type of geekery that couples enjoy. We have narrowed the categories down to the top gift for each type of geek using a specific algorithm based on PI for the highest accuracy of course.

For the CON-Geek.

These geeks delight in all forms of dressing up and participating in events, be it Comicon, Fetishcon, Dragoncon, you name it, they fly their geek flag proudly and for the whole world to see. Top gift? 3 tickets to the event of course! Why 3? So the happy couple can choose a bestie to accompany them to the ball. Here’s a list of the conventions. Yes, they are all real. No, we don’t know where they get the time.

For the Tech-Geek

These geeks can be notoriously hard to buy for, especially because they probably have what they consider the best of (enter_gadget_name_here ) anyway. The best you can hope for here is a super early pre-order. Something spectacular and barely off the invention table. Here’s a great little gadget. Who doesn’t need to “find radioactive things”?

For the Gamer-Geek
Also notoriously hard to buy for, the gamer-geek usually already has the latest game or console, but wait, what about the new, open source gaming console Ouya? What does it do? Plays games on the tv. Why is it different? It’s opensource! Is it worth it? NO IDEA = FABOULOUS GIFT. Let your gamer friend do the deciding on whether to rant or rave about their new acquisition. Chances are, they will be the first to have one anyway!

The Green-Geek

Geeks and computers just go together so why not give the Green-Geeks something that will thrill both sides of their bell curve? A SOLAR POWERED KEYBOARD!!? Yup. Save energy while you surf the net for ways to save energy. Epic.

The Geek-Chick

Geek-Chicks aren’t too far off from their male counter-particles, but a sure fire way to win at gifting a girl is to make them laugh. Take a look at this nifty solar powered rainbow maker! If you’re not laughing already at the title, just trust us and buy it.

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