Honeymoon Fund With No Upfront Fees Or Credit Cards Required

Photo Credit: Andrew Morrell | Wed&Wish Honeymoon RegistriesA New Twist On Honeymoon Funds

A popular article on CNN travel talks about the ins and outs of a honeymoon registry and explores the non-traditional service that allows couples to ask guests to chip in on much more exciting gifts than the standard wedding registry provides. Instead of a new mixer, guests can chip in on a balloon ride or cruise!

The article makes some good points about different types of honeymoon registries, like the fact that some are booked through travel agents that charge a fee, not to mention that for some cruises and hotels a credit card must be used to make the reservation, and the cost can’t be refunded. If the couple was planning on going anyway, it seems like less of a problem, but it’s good to be aware that there is no guarantee that guests will cover the costs.

There is a type of cash gift registry that offers no upfront fees or credit cards to get couples on their way to that Maui Beach house rental or Cruise to Grand Cayman that the article failed to mention. They are not a free service but the small fees they take come out of the gift amounts the guests pay when they choose to purchase a gift through the couple’s registry website, meaning there is no bill to pay at the end for the couples which is a nice touch.

Wed&Wish is a unique service in the cash registry industry because they are able to offer couples a measure of security that other registries can’t. They offer an added layer of security, meaning that they never touch the couple’s money. Unlike other registries that hold the couples “gifts” in their bank accounts before forwarding them to the couples (minus fees), Wed&Wish never holds any of their customers money in their accounts. They simply get permission to extract a fee when the money is on the way from a guest’s purchase to the couple’s account. This all happens mid-transaction thanks to PayPal.

Most people are never aware that companies are holding their funds and it can take days or weeks to receive their gifts. With Wed&Wish the gifts are deposited instantaneously and are immediately available for the couple to spend.

Another great thing about these types of registries is that there are no credit cards required. Couples can ask for any gift they want. Take a honeymoon cruise for example. Couples can name the gift 7 Day Bahamas Cruise. There is no need to specify the date. The total amount of the cruise can then be split into affordable gift amounts of $80.00 to $100.00 each and couples can set the amount of times a guest can choose to buy that gift.

Those that have never researched these types of sites will be in for a pleasant surprise. These types of services are becoming quite popular for modern couples who tend to be a bit less traditional. It does afford couples some exciting gift ideas and hey, it never hurts to ask right?

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