3 Ways to Save on Wedding Bands for Men

Purchasing the groom’s wedding ring often comes towards the end of the wedding planning process, when nerves are frayed and finances are looking increasingly strained. Don’t fret: it’s entirely possible to buy him the wedding ring of his dreams without draining what’s left of your bank account. Here are three tried and true ways to save serious money on wedding bands for men – without being “cheap.”

Save on Wedding Bands for Men by Considering Contemporary Materials

Contemporary materials (also sometimes referred to as alternative materials) have become incredibly popular with shoppers purchasing men’s wedding bands, and it’s easy to see why: they’re stylish, durable and extremely affordable. Some of the most popular contemporary choices include men’s titanium wedding bands and tungsten wedding rings. While these two materials share a natural gunmetal grey hue and low price point, they are in fact quite different from one another. Titanium is very lightweight and usually hypoallergenic (it can depend on the grade), while tungsten is fairly hefty and very hard, making it virtually scratch-resistant.

For those who want a contemporary material that looks like a more expensive precious metal, cobalt chrome, Argentium silver and white tungsten are all excellent choices. Cobalt chrome is not as well known as some of the other contemporary metals, but it soon will be. Lustrous with a naturally silvery white color, cobalt chrome wedding rings never need to be re-plated. Another naturally white metal, Argentium silver is a higher quality grade of sterling silver that is stronger and more tarnish-resistant than regular sterling. White tungsten is color-treated to achieve its classic platinum-like look, but it offers all of the benefits of regular tungsten.

A rather surprising trend that has been dominating the contemporary wedding band market is black rings, which are most often found in ceramic, titanium or tungsten. These unusual rings started gaining popularity a couple of years ago, and despite their dramatically different appearance they often prove to be a very suitable choice for modern grooms who want something unique that will still be versatile enough to wear on a daily basis.

Comparison shop

It should go without saying that these days the best prices are usually found online. The beauty of online shopping is that you can quickly and easily compare prices from one store to another using aggregate services like Google Shopping, Shopzilla or Shopstyle. You should take care, however, not just to look for the lowest base product price, as there can sometimes be other hidden costs to take into account. Check to see if there are any shipping or sales tax charges before you make your purchase, and also thoroughly review the store’s return and exchange policy before completing your purchase. A good online store should have at least a 30 day return policy, as well as certain guarantees if something should happen to your ring.

Shop Seasonally If you have enough time before your wedding, try to shop seasonally to get the very best deal on his wedding band. Many online and brick and mortar retailers offer special discounts for certain holidays, like Labor Day, 4th of July and Thanksgiving. Once you’ve selected a favorite style or two, be patient and see if it’s marked down during a popular holiday, but be ready to jump on making your purchase – some popular styles can sell out during these sorts of seasonal events.

By taking a little time and shopping smart, you can get your groom the forever ring that he deserves and will love – without having to wonder how you’re going to pay the caterer and florist.

Tanya Naouri writes articles on men’s wedding bands and fashion for grooms for JustMensRings.com.

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