The Freedom of an Online Honeymoon Registry

Online Honeymoon Registry - Photo Credit:Justin Beckley PhotographyMake Gift Giving Easy With an Online Honeymoon Registry

Friends are getting married, some already have children and soon it’s going to be your turn. But you don’t want your guests to experience difficulties finding the right gifts.  You want, well, something perfect, that’s all. Dealing with finding a certain items, getting a kiosk clerks attention, or worse looking through a binder of photographs to choose gifts is not perfection. Why is any of that necessary when most everyone has a smart-phone in their pocket or access to a computer? Introducing, an intelligent and well-designed online gift registry.

Beyond Antiquated Traditions

Wed&Wish makes a few departures from the antiquated gift registry methods to create a truly enjoyable experience. Most obvious of the changes was moving the gift registry to an online format. Everyone with access to the internet can get to your registry. People with desktops, smart-phones, even WebTV users (if they still exist) can find your gift list. This clearly reduces difficulties drastically; those travelling, far away, or just in the boonies can all log on easily.

The Creativity of Cash

The next difference is in the cash registry format. While you may select actual products or services to list, your guests will be sending cash. This ensures you get exactly what you want, without any outside interpretation, miscommunication or duplication. Since it is a cash registry, this gives you the freedom to list whatever you like. Anything. You can be as specific as you like, break it down into multiple gifts, or one large package that everyone chips in on to make it happen. If you’d like a trip, you can list it as one giant package gift with smaller contribution allotments, or separate it into flight, hotel, massage, food and entertainment… you’re limited only by your own creativity.

Secured Transactions With PayPal

As proof of the commitment to an easy pleasurable experience, Wed&Wish uses PayPal for payment processing. Your friends and family select which gift and an amount, and PayPal does the rest, depositing it in your account. It doesn’t make any detours and no-one tries to hold your money hostage. PayPal takes their standard fees and directs the balance straight to you. Once in your account it’s your money and you’re free to spend it as you wish. Just have fun! Isn’t technology great?

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