Travel for Less On Your Honeymoon with a Great Cash Gift Registry

Cash Gift Registry | Photo By:ThisParticularGregImagine spending three weeks in Japan, one week in Tokyo exploring the city, looking at the underground malls, going to karaoke, restaurants, shiatsu massage and maybe a love hotel. Week two could be spent in the country, visiting a nice hot spring with all the spa treatments, exploring local legends and ancient temples and architecture. Week three will be left open. What if you run into something really fun? You’ve dreamed about it, all the things you could do, would do, if given the chance. Is your honeymoon that chance? It could be.

Maybe you don’t like land, and have always dreamed of the sea, of snorkeling or scuba diving along the Great Barrier Reef, seeing the vast array of colors and life. You dream of swimming with fish, poking at lobster and catching a glimpse of something majestic like a Manta Ray flying in graceful arcs through the water. Perhaps you’re action-based and wanted to go hunting, fishing, or climbing! Maybe your dream is hurtling to the earth in free fall from 15,000 feet. This could be your chance to do it.

Using you can create a cash gift registry that allows you to ask for exactly what you want, and have your friends and family help make it come true. Once the free registration is completed, any gift can be added to the registry, without being restricted to a certain package. It means friends and family are sending actual money to your account. They do get to choose which gift they are sending money towards, but once it reaches your account it’s yours to do what you like with.

Any guests and well wishers may search your registry for free as well.  The only cost is in the ‘purchasing’ where your guests will pay a small fee and PayPal’s low transaction fees. After that, everything is complete! Wed&Wish never holds your money, it goes directly to your account. Your guests don’t have to lug gifts around, no-one pays shipping, and everyone can access everything from home on their computer of smartphone. Visit today and create your free registry. There is no risk doing so, and only a pleasant experience to gain. Congratulations and our best wishes!

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