Unique Wedding Registry Ideas

Taking The Plunge

So you’ve decided to take that step, you’re going to get married. Congratulations, we’re truly happy for you and hope that you’re feeling wonderful! What we don’t wish upon you, or anyone else, is the stress that can come with all the planning that comes with and surrounds a wedding. What we would like is ease and simplicity in at least one part of the whole experience and so we offer you Wed&Wish.


Easy To Use and Access

Wed&Wish is a unique wedding registry, aimed at giving you exactly what you want, without any hassle. Guests locate your registry on the website, select their choice from available options and make a payment through PayPal, an industry leader in payment transactions. It comes immediately to your account – as cash. If you’ve never used PayPal ask a friend, it is exceedingly easy to use. That’s it, withdraw funds from PayPal whenever you wish, however you like with no hidden costs for doing so.

Being an internet gift registry, most everyone can access it easily. This internet service can be used by anyone who can open a webpage. No more concern about local outlets, communication times, or shipping. Suddenly the only transportation concern you have is people, and not trunk space or presentation.


No Restrictions on Gifts

If you’re concerned about actually using Wed&Wish, don’t be. It’s free for you to register, set-up, and use. The costs of the service are paid for by the guests, and it will most commonly be a five dollar fee, which both you and your guests will agree is worth it, being able to do it from home, while knowing they’ll be sending exactly the right gift. Site navigation is effortless as well, with no restrictions on what sort of gifts you can ask for. Who wants to be restricted to certain products, brands, or availability? This is your dream, why let a traditional wedding registry muddy the experience?

Just imagine. You sign up with Wed&Wish (free to register), only add what you want, receive the cash with tracking of who donated how much to each gift, and withdraw money at your leisure. If only we could make the rest of your wedding planning this easy!

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