Wedding Registry Etiquette for Our Cash Bridal Registry

Wedding Registry Etiquette | Photo Credit: julian wyleglyOnline Wedding Registry Etiquette – Best Practices

Gone are the days when getting married meant that couples registered strictly for household items, regardless of whether or not they actually needed them. In some ways, marriage itself has fundamentally changed, with far more couples getting married later in life or living together prior to getting married. Many modern couples are turning to honeymoon and cash registry services so that they can get the gifts that they want and need – things like a down payment for their house, or hotel and airfare for their honeymoon.

With so many modern wedding registry options, there can be a lot of questions as to what constitutes proper wedding etiquette, which standards are antiquated, and which rules should still be followed. Here are some helpful hints and etiquette tips for managing your Wed&Wish wedding registry.


Let guests decide what to get for you. Make sure to register for more than one item so as not to “force” your guests into purchasing a particular gift. Wed&Wish offers a feature that allows guests to create their own gift for you, which will still be deposited as funds into your PayPal account (click here to learn more about how Wed&Wish works).

Though it is customary for them to do so, guests should never feel obliged to give a wedding gift. Always remain gracious and flexible about the gifts on your registry – your wedding registry is simply a suggestion of what you would like should friends and family choose to purchase you a gift.

Offer gift options for every budget. Everyone’s budgets are different, and the costs of attending a wedding can already be stretching the limits for some guests. Don’t just register for big ticket items – make sure to register for smaller items as well. The average price of a wedding gift in the United States is $85, which should give you a good idea of how to price your cash gifts. Wed&Wish’s customizable registry allows you to create various monetary amounts that can be purchased by your guests. Offering a variety of differently priced gifts, even if they are going towards the same item, is something that we highly recommend doing.

Diversify. If you think some guests will be uncomfortable with a cash or honeymoon registry – and some very well may be – expand your registry options. Register for a few must-have physical items in addition to your cash or honeymoon registry.

You’ll also want to take care to register somewhere that is easily found either online or across your country. Again, wedding gifts should always be considered optional, but giving your guests a greater number of accessible options will make them feel more secure in their ability to participate.

Spreading the Word

Many couples understandably find themselves in a conundrum when it comes to whether or not to include their registry information on their wedding invitiation. There has been a lot of debate on this front, as some feel that listing wedding registry information directly on your invitation can detract from the real purpose of your special day. At the same time, your guests do want to purchase gifts for you, and it should be as easy for them as possible to locate your registry.

Whether using a traditional registry or a cash or honeymoon registry, most couples choose to provide registry information discreetly at the bottom of their invitation or as a separate insert included with their wedding invitation. You can also provide your general wedding website directly on the invitation. Not only will this let guests find all the information they need to know about your wedding in one easy location, but from there you can link directly to your registry website. Wed&Wish offers a “My Guests” feature that allows couples to easily share the details of their wedding registry to friends and family through email and social media.

Giving Thanks

Thank each and every guest for their gift – even if it’s not what you registered for. Regardless of whether or not a guest has given you a gift that you actually registered for, you should send them a handwritten thank you card for their present. It doesn’t need to be pages long, but do try to include a personalized detail or two in addition to referencing the actual gift given. Wed&Wish provides you with the tools to track all of your cash and honeymoon registry gifts, including guest name, gift purchased and gift amount.

Send thanks sooner rather than later. Don’t wait too long to send your thank you cards. Not only is it more polite to send thank you cards in a timely manner, but it’s in your best interests as well, as you will be less diligent about sending them as time goes on. Try to send thank you cards as you receive presents, breaking as necessary for your festivities and honeymoon, of course.


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